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Thread: fx ho problem!

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    Exclamation fx ho problem!

    i have a problem with my fxho cruiser.. for some reason theres oil everywhere after a couple of minutes of ridding!all hoses are fine. the oil spill is minor its like splatter..and i checked the oil but its fine its not low or anything!

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    sounds like a rusted oil filter
    change it to be safe


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    Quote Originally Posted by fx160 View Post
    sounds like a rusted oil filter
    change it to be safe

    And grease it up all over the outside as well as spraying it well with whatever you spray the engine with after every ride.
    Those filters are only 'tin' with a mist coat of colour and can go rusty very fast near salt or any water.
    I 'drown' my filter with silicone spray after every weekly ride-----I don't wish to 'lose' the motor.

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    on the rental ski I spray the filters with truck bed liner that you can get in puff cans

    later cd

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