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    1996 yamaha waveblaster 1100

    I need some help I just picked up a waveblaster 1100 from a guy who tried to replace the stator. He took the stator out but he also removed everything from the electric box. So what I have now is a box with the CDI, a starter relay, stator which I see has a broken wire. I need help trying to figure out what goes where. By looking at the manual I have I know where the stator goes but I do not know where to get a new one.
    What about the pulse coil how do you test them?
    I am looking for pictures of the how the coils mount on to the box I see they mount in a rubber block but I do not know how the block mounts to the box. The cdi I am assuming mounts into the box but it looks like it mounts over the starter relay.
    I need to see actual pictures of the electric box so I can get this thing together.
    Some please help

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    Did you get this sorted out? I'm curious to hear how it runs since I'm thinking about making a 1200 blaster.

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    mile...there is some really nice video of one on PWC site...with the 63m engine.....did you see it?


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