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    STX 15F water ingestion ?? need help...!!

    Sorry, wrong forum, thought it would get more views here... Need help !

    Borrowed a friends STX 15F for the day, was heading in and she started to stumble, told my buddy she was acting up, he looked at it and said it was taking on water, in a panic he drove it to shore, I didn't have time to tell him not to ride it because it was probably a broken cooling line..

    Long story short he rode it until it konked out... we got it to the ramp, pulled it out and drained the water, that was up to the throttle body. I immediately found the hole in the exhaust/waterbox coupler.

    checked the oil it was milky, took the plugs in and out and pumped the water out about 10 times until no water came out, got her running. drove to the autoparts store, got new plugs, oil, filter, went back to change oil.

    Problem is we could only get about 1/2 a quart of sludge out, kept pumping and nothing, checked the dipstick empty, changed the filter put in 4 quarts of fresh oil, started her up but didn't sound right, check the oil, she now has about 8 quarts of milk in her, tried pumping the oil out, NOTHING, pump seems to be working fine, just could't get the milk out.

    sometimes the stick shows empty, then it's all the way to the top, then empty... WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON >>> ????? any help please, I feel absolutely TERRIBLE and tried doing everything possible to get her running, but we CAN'T seem to get the milk out... Thanks Chris..

    P.S. was going to try and find an oil-boy pump tomorrow, thinking maybe the cheap plastic pump isn't working, just can't figure out why we can't get the oil out of it...

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    GET A GOOD PUMP AND GET THAT STUFF OUT. Hope it didn't bend a rod. Keep us posted please.

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    oil pump actually seemed like it was pumping fine, just sounded like it was sucking air from the bottom of the dip stick tube, like there wasn't any oil down there, where the heck is it ???

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    Sometimes the tube wont go far enuff down unless u twist it as u push it down into dipstick tube. Keep tryin!

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    If you are doing the oil suction on the trailer, lower the trailer jace as much as possible to get all the oil into the front part of the motor where the dip stick tube is located.
    The reason why you keep getting milky mixture is because other parts of the motor such as oil cooler still holds the oil/water mixture. It may take 3~5 oil changes, short engine running in between, until it come out clean. Hope there is no permanent damage on the engine.

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    Freinds 05 had water ingestion once. Talk about oil change after oil change. Total of six changes and then he was good to go. Just keep changing oil til no water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreenman View Post
    The reason why you keep getting milky mixture is because other parts of the motor such as oil cooler still holds the oil/water mixture.
    Does the 15F have an oil cooler?

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    Thanks Guys,,, Got a GOOD pump, finally got everything out. Even with the Moeller super sucker it took FOREVER to get the initial milk out. We did 3 consecutive oil changes running on the hose with 10 minute intervals, with a new filter and new spark plugs on the last one, oil on last one is very clean.

    Another question. while running on the hose water was comming out the left rear drain plug, I thought it would be comming from the exhaust coupler hose with the hole in it, it wasn't, figured the exhaust couple was a product of a burst input line, checked the line from the pump to the block, no split, guess were gonna have to run it on the trailer in the water to find the broken hose, any suggestions ???? Thanks..

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    Check the exhaust boot [blue] for leak/hole. Did you also pop the three clear rubber plugs at the back bottom of the airbox and let it drain ? Sounds like you'll be ok. Keep us posted on how engine does when u get it back in the water.

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    Found the burst hose, it's the one that goes from the bottom rear of the motor to the hull nipple located right next to the left rear water box, Can anyone tell me the part number of the hose. It's a formed hose with a formed 90 degree bend. I looked at the parts diagram but am not sure which one it is since it does not show the actual hose. Thanks Chris.

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