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    Overheat problem?

    I'm encountering a intermittent overheat problem:

    SKi is as follows:

    2004 RXP...Riva Stage II with the following additions....
    -4" rear air intake
    -Riva ECU & injectors
    -Greenbox & J-pipe shortened (the pipe that drops into the waterbox) exiting at Rude thru hull location
    -Jims rideplate & skegs
    -Catch can
    -Grocco strainer

    It's your basic Stage II+ setup. It turns 8350rpms and runs pretty good up top.

    It will run all day long under 8000r's with no problems. As soon as I run a WOT run (8350rpms) it will make it for about 10 seconds (maybe less) and throw the high temp warning (open loop side, not closed loop side).....

    Any ideas?


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    1 of 3 possibilities.
    1- You blocked your j-pipe holes.
    2- Your intercooler is clogged
    3- There is a small crack in either a water hose or the intercooler that is not showing unless you are at WOT.

    Unfortunatly I have experienced all 3 at one time or another.

    Good Luck

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    -Well....I presure tested the IC back when I pulled the head and it held pressure fine.

    -I installed all new water lines when I put it all back together....

    -J-pipe holes are a possability (I'll check that)

    -The problem wasn't there initially after I re-assembled everything but showed up after running it a while without a strainer (was troubleshooting a problem with getting the strainer to seal and not leak). I thought I back flushed it very thoroughly but I'll start checking through the whole process again....

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    If it is a waterflow issue. Which I think it is. An easy way to confirm is to plug your flush tube with a on/off hose connector. If it no longer over heats it is definitlay a water concern.

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