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    Best performing intake?

    Ok I have been reading all the old threads about putting an intake together for the S150 Speedster/sportster scic. Well I just got my boat back from being cleaned out and the SC rebuilt. When i went out with my bro. We GPS'ed it at 93kmh that about 58MPH. I am going through the stages and I want an intake first and I am going to remove the exhaust resonator.
    I am wondering what setup is the cleanest and most effective.
    VX1 had a nice setup. I am thinking that I will us the info that I got from his setup and add to it a little.

    I am thinking That the us of two additional fans working to keep the engine compartment cooler. I 'm not at the stage of adding an external IC yet, I feel this may help. I think that putting a puller fan on the engine intake venting side and another pusher fan beside the engine compartment bilge fan. This would make all the hot air that is trapped in the top of the engine compartment vent out a lot more effieciently. And have the other side a larger fan that can pull in anough air to keep it flowing enough to get top cooling efficiency.
    I would of course put the addition fans on a separate toggle if you are just cruising through an area you can turn the fans off.
    I am thinking for the actual engine intake I would like to get a 90 and aim it straight up with a 5" long by 4" round pollished stainless steel tube holding the 4" inlet K&N cone filter just high enough to clear everything.

    How would a setup like this work?

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    REALLY? No comments at all. or suggestions. I know there has to be someone on here with some knowledge of these boats with intakes and working results.
    I am looking for anything that will help me out guys.
    pics of an actual intake system for the engine would be greatly appreciated.

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    Use the search function, there are plenty of intake pics here.

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    I don't think you want to emulate mine too much, it's way too complicated (pic below). I don't have an inch of free room behind the engine, except just enough to get the SC out.

    The fan configuration you're looking to do should help drop the compartment temps by 20 degrees or so, but don't look for it to make a noticeable difference in your performance. The water temp you're riding in makes so much more difference.

    Definitely, the shorter you keep the intake, the better it will work.
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