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Thread: WOT problems

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    WOT problems

    My 95 SLT 750 stalls or dies out when I open the throttle too fast. I have the stock carbs with Vortex AFs' and I upgraded the fuel pump to the triple oulet type. I am also running Pre-mix. I tried messing with the slow and fast adjustments, a 1/4 turn at a time and it seems to make no difference.
    Can someone tell me the correct way to dial in my carbs so that I get a better throttle response from idle to WOT! I read the carb adjustments in the other forum but is that with stock AFs'?

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    Pinch off the fuel return line and see if its better.
    If it runs better or with no hesitation you know you're running too lean.
    Have you checked fuel pressure yet? I need about 2 pounds at idle and 4+ at WOT. Check the pressure just before the fuel restrictor on the return line. If the pressure is less than say a pound, you know something is amiss.

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    Thanks, I'll check it out!

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    Check the in line fuel filters, the fuel shut off valve, and the filters inside the carbs should be checked.

    You may need to go with bigger jets if you're running the Vortex F/A's. A good time to inspect/clean the carbs.

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    What am I looking for when I check the fuel shut off valve? How much bigger should I go on the jets? Are we talking about the mains? What is the maximum turns out can I go on the High speed adjustments and what or where is the Pop-off? Should I follow the tuning tips from in the Polaris Tech tips forum? Is this info with stock AF's or it doesn't matter? Thanks for all the advice!!

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    Looking for restrictions (poor fuel flow). The rubber seal sometimes swells or deteriorates and clogs the openings.

    Yes, the main jets. I believe the Vortex F/A's came with a 105 main in Keddano's kit.

    Max turns on adj. screws are 3 turns OUT.

    Pop off has to do with the springs inside the carbs. Do a search to find out more info about this. Pop off affects the take off though, won't affect top speed.

    Yes, follow the tuning tips for carb adjustment by watcon. Doesn't matter what F/A your using.

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    Thanks again, great info!! Appreciate the help!!

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