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    Pictures Of My XP

    here's some pics of my xp just thought i would share some pictures of my xp just put the new graphics on this year its a 97 xp 183 hours on it all stock i was kind of wondering what i could get for it cause i was looking to sell it for a superjet i only have the one pic right now but tomarrow i'll have more i couldent get the pic to show up but heres a link[email protected]/2849527766/

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    stevens point wi
    looks very clean!!! im not sure on price though...

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    The ski's have taken a "backseat" to the Corvette DarthAWM's Avatar
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    Being that it is a 97 and not a 98 and up Limited it will only pull $2500-$3000

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    well i bought this ski in 06 for 2500 it had 126 hours on it and i bought a 97 and not a 98 and up because of the 787 motor it's a lot more reliable than the 951 all my friends with the 951 have blown their motors you can get well over half the life time with the 787 compared to the 951. but the reason i kind of want to sell is that the xp is no fun without boats making 5ft+ waves but with a superjet you can always try new stuff

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    your is very clean but i see runing/driving 97's all the time for 1500-2000...

    you would be lucky to get 2000.

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    1500- 2000 no more like 2500- 3200 here i get more pics right now

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    Lake Travis austin, TX
    Good luck with that

    maybe in Spring Park, MN

    But there every where in texas for under $2000.
    just had a freind buy one for 1600 with mods,trailer,cans,2 jackets,etc,etc

    don't forget its 11 years old and tops about 55mph..
    Plus 183 hour on a two stroke is ALOT!!! its about to pop.


    Low Retail Base Price $2,150
    Average Retail $2,410

    Plus its the end of the season so thats going to hurt you even more.
    you would be better to wait till spring to get top dollar for it. and even then NADA is only 2400..
    and by then it will be 12 years old and that 2400 will drop probbly to 2200.

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    183 is pushing it on a 951 but on the 787 i've seen people get over 500 hours on it. for the price i wouldn't sell it for under 3000 but i just wanted to see what you guys thought here's a few more pics[email protected]/

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    I would never pay more then $3k for a 97 XP...sorry. Its a nice looking ski but people here could get a nice RXP for like, 5500-6k.

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    I picked up the 97 in this pic with 72 hrs, mint condition needing a vts motor for $900. Got the 96 in the pic needing a top end for $600. They are around.

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