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    2003 Kawi Ultra 150, 70mph in MI

    Selling my 2003 Kawasaki Ultra 150.

    I'm the original owner of the ski. Has reciently rebuilt top end with all original kawasaki oem pistons and gaskets, around 25 hours on rebuild. Pump gas motor ran only on premium fuel. Ski has solas 16/20 prop, shaved heads, exhaust pipe mod, steering nozzle, shredmaster ride plate with solas intake grate, new battery this year, intake water strainer, tiny tach in storage door. Ski has done a solid 69.8mph on GPS. Cosmetically the ski is in good shape with just 2 little dings/chips on the white part of the front of the boat where it hit a swim platform while tied up.

    I'm selling the ski with no trailer but have a newer 2 place black Yacht club trailer that my STX-R is on. I would sell that separate to buy a single if buyer wanted it.

    I'll take some pictures tomorrow when it is light out and post them with the hours also.

    Ski is located about 20 miles north of Detroit, MI. 48066


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    reasonable offers??

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    Free bump. These are really reliable skis.. weve got an 03.. no repairs to date.

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    Same thing with this ski. I have had no problems with it what so ever. I did the rebuild "just because". I have a lot of experience with rec. machines and it is less of a cost to rebuild it now than after it blows up... Thanks for the bump.

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    Some pics might help.

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