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    I used to just hook up my 6 gallon jug of antifreeze up about 2 or 3 ft above the motor and hook up into my flush ,where I now flush my motor after every use. My question is why cant we just use this method or a motorized pump to push the antifreeze in like the hose to winterize our motors? Can I do that and not have to disconnect anything ,will it hurt the exhaust to sit for 6 months in there ,obvisouly I would still fog and stabilize. Just curious on feedback ,because I've always done it on boats and jetskis and it never hurt anything. I have a 2008 speedster 430hpscic now.

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    I just would like to flush for 1-2min with antifreeze ,do you think it would be ok and I wouldnt have to remove hose clamps etc.

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    just run the water out of it wait a few days run it again and let sit.

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    I'm in ny , so I have freezing temps ,I cant just trust the water is just out

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    Quote Originally Posted by atom1234 View Post
    I'm in ny , so I have freezing temps ,I cant just trust the water is just out
    Use the RV evniromentally safe antifreeze

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    First, you would probably have to pressurize it to push enough of it through. I can't see gravity pushing enough through to be sure it gets everywhere. As far as hurting the exhaust, it shouldn't because it will drain from almost everywhere and the places where it doesn't drain from are the exact places where you should have antifreeze.

    Doing it the way the service manual states really isn't a big deal though. I believe that with the supercharged 4-tec it just involves removing two hoses and pouring a small amount of 100% antifreeze (not the 50/50 mix) in. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes and will waist a lot less antifreeze (if you flush with antifreeze you may recover the antifreeze but it will be useless because it will be mixed with water and you won't be able to flush with it again). I am sure you could remove the hoses, pour in the antifreeze and reattach the hoses quicker than the few minutes you would have the boat hooked up trying to flush with antifreeze. This is a very small, simple part of the overall winterizing process. I am not sure why you wouldn't just do as the manuals state for this. If you don't, and something does go wrong, then you may find yourself having to pay for an expensive fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthAWM View Post
    Use the RV evniromentally safe antifreeze
    The manuals state to be sure that you use antifreeze that is designed to be safe for aluminum motors. Is RV plumbing antifreeze safe for aluminum motors?

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    I would read the back of the bottle you purchase it in to find that out.
    It is likely not designed for aluminum but it is used for some copper and ABS piping. So it can't be to acidic.

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    my local dealer used an elec pump to move coolant thru the system for winterization, but I found a good way myself to get this done. I went and purchased a submersibe elec pump that has a hose connection on it and made 50/50 coctail mix of antifreeze put this in a 5 gal bucket connected to the flush point and ran the machine untill coolant came out the exhaust,the following year there was no problems. the pump I used was from a pool store that was made for removing water fromk the cover its called the little giant modle 5-msp @ m1250 gph hope this helps dont forget the stabilizer in the fuel

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