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Thread: Stator Problem

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    Stator Problem

    Same ole story: I have not been able to keep my '07 Speedster's battery charged. It has never held a charge for any extended period of time. I use a battery tender to get a "max charge" on the battery, but after a day of boating, the 12V LOW light is flashing/beeping. The 15amp fuse that is located in the engine compartment behind the passenger seat blows whenever replaced.

    I've replaced the battery, 15 amp fuses, and had the voltage regulator replaced. The mechanic thinks the stator needs replaced and total bill will be $800.

    How can I be sure it's the stator? How do I check to make sure there isn't a wire crossed somewhere before plunking down big bucks to a mechanic who thought it was the voltage regulator ($250 bucks ago)?

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    I'm sure someone can help you out, I remember seeing a thread before about someone having a stator problem. My advice would be to find another dealer, It's a real bad idea to just replace stuff until you find out what the problem is. Electrical problems often cause more electrical problems, nothing like replacing the same part multiple times.

    Maybe get a service manual and run through their checklists? I had a bad stator on a motorcycle and the service manual had steps to testing everything eventually narrowing it down to the stator, I would think a sea doo service manual would have the same type thing.

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