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Thread: RPM drop

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    RPM drop

    Ok I just got this boat back from the dealer cleaning out the bottom end from the sc failure and the SC rebuilt. I went out last night for a blast with a buddy and when taking a moderate turn the RPM's dropped from like 7000 RPM to about 5500 and it surged a little. I then stopped the boat and idled. It seemed to idle fine. and no check engine lights. then when I started going again It was very sluggish then it all of a sudden came back and ran fine after wards.

    Any ideas? It almost felt like the Throttle position sensor dropped out or something. Would weeds cause this? The engine seems very smooth running otherwise and the SC sounds the same. Can it be because I am running it too hard after the SC rebuild. Should I be concerned?

    Please any help would be awesome guys.

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    Nothing again?

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