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    Cool No start, buzzing noise in rear elec box?

    For seemingly no reason my 96xp won't turn over. The battery was tested and its at 12.5 100% capacity. When I click the start button I hear a buzzing noise from the rear electrical box. Its the grey component within the box making the noise. Any ideas?

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    So I looked at the electrical box diagram and its the starter relay. Guess I will give it a tap to see if it comes back to life. Could anything else cause this to chatter like it is?

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    Unplug the black and white wires to see if the pins are corroded. Is the ground post corroded at the bottom? And also pull the plug out on the top of the box to confirm those pins aren't corroded too.

    It could just be a bad solenoid, but it sounds like you aren't getting a full 12 volts on the coil.
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    I will check the ground when I get home by creating another good ground. I did open up the box and check the connections on the top plug but will check the others as well. Thanks for the help!

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    There was corrosion underneath the negative battery terminal . Good call you were spot on....


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