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    Intercooler options for the RXP

    EDIT: Now available in the online store! Great timing!!!
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    I bought an XS-style liquid to air intercooler from a company in Calif. called Boombop Inc. I found them on e-bay and their e-mail address is [email protected]. I paid $90 for it but I had to pick it up from their warehouse in Upland, CA. It's worked out very well for me.
    T C

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    PM jfizzlejr.

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    I have not yet installed mine from jfizzlejr, but he has been great on delivery of the product and has offered several suggestions and help already.

    I can highly recommend you buy a complete kit from him!

    Many board members run it and it is very economical!

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    Who even sells the XS? It sounds like an ebay-type item.. but I cant find it anywhere. Is it not a complete kit? Why is it supposedly so cheap? do you have to fabricate piping for it?

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    check in our classifieds:

    i have one already in my GTX and bout to put one in my RXP

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    yes i did see that.. but its not a complete kit. i have to fabricate all of the piping if i buy that.. no? doesnt anyone sell a cheap kit- like the ebay ones for cars? I bought one for my wrx on ebay for $100 and it worked out perfectly...

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    i do not know about a complete kit...

    i had Danny make me a bracket and got the alum pipes from someone else here in classifieds...


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    Im just not a fan of piecing stuff together. I was hoping that there were inexpensive intercooler kits out there comparable to the cheap car kits on ebay.

    in the past when i have had to piece stuff together for car projects, exhaust or intercooler piping, nothing fits- piping has to be cut, fabricated, etc. Its just a headache. I want to save some money on this but im not going to be so cheap about it that it causes me headaches. if you know someone who has complete kits or sells the complete piping kits- ill definitely be interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedskixp View Post
    PM jfizzlejr.
    looks like he may be my best bet. ill contact him. thanks for the lead. i dont mind paying $400 if its a direct fit and i dont have to deal with fabricating piping and etc.

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