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    Riva stage 3 question

    Edit: Question answered. thanks!
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    Stage 3= ecu 50 injectors riva ic + super charger impellor and housing intake grate rear air intake,3 blade impellor ect

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    Check out this link it will show you everything in a stage 3 kit:

    Or you can read this:

    The Stage III Kit is designed specifically for the serious racer due to it's incredible performance level and requires use of fresh 92+ octane pump fuel. RIVA Power Filter Kit is installed. Power Filter provides greatly improved acceleration and a 150~200rpm increase by replacing restrictive stock intake system. Features a large 3" diameter intake duct and oversized K&N filter element that feeds your Supercharger with a steady diet of cool air. Installs quickly and securely using a silicone coupler and sturdy bracket.
    RIVA / Vortech Pro-Series Supercharger Impeller & Housing are installed. High performance impeller and housing combo deliver a significant increase in boost pressure and horsepower due to increased blade area and larger interior volume. Sophisticated blade design that has been precision balanced for smooth operation.
    RIVA Pro-Series Fuel Injector Kit is installed. Our 50lb racing injectors flow more fuel to match the needs of our Stage III modifications.
    RIVA Power Cooler Kit with integrated Billet Blow-off Valve is installed replacing original intercooler system. Our Power Cooler is dramatically more efficient than original intercooler system delivering an increase of 15 peak horsepower with exit temperatures averaging 50°F cooler than stock. Features large, unrestricted core that exhibits minimal pressure loss compared to stock intercooler. Includes integrated blow-off valve for improved reliability and performance. Valve relieves unwanted pressure during off-throttle operation reducing supercharger clutch wear and eliminating heat soak in discharge tube.
    RIVA Rear Exhaust Kit is installed. Kit allows removal of restrictive sound suppression system located between waterbox and hull exit. Improves engine performance by reducing back pressure & restriction. Includes custom molded exhaust tube and billet through hull exhaust outlet. It is necessary to install Rear Exhaust Kit to accommodate RIVA Power Cooler Kit.
    RIVA Racing ECU is installed. Our racing ECU is programmed to match the increased performance needs of modified engines. Fuel delivery, timing and rev limit have been recalibrated to compliment Stage III modifications. Plugs directly into wiring harness in place of stock ECU.
    RIVA Thermostat Kit is installed. Kit reduces operating temperature of modified 4-TEC® engine by 30°F for maximum reliability and performance.
    RIVA Valve Train Upgrade Kit is installed. Titanium valve retainers and heavy-duty valve springs increase reliability of modified engine by reducing possibility of valve float at high RPM.
    RIVA Heavy-duty Supercharger Clutch Washers are installed. These are direct replacements for the original ceramic clutch washers that are prone to fail on modified engines. Must be use with 2006 style Sea-Doo supercharger shaft.
    RIVA RXP Top-Loader Intake Grate is installed. Unique reverse wing design eliminates prop spin and cavitation while delivering improved handling and top-speed.
    RIVA/Skat-Trak Swirl Impeller is installed. This impeller is specifically designed for our Stage III Performance Package using a pitch block to ensure accuracy. Billet impeller cone is included.
    RIVA Pump Wedge is installed between pump stator and output nozzle. 2-degree wedge trims up your pump nozzle raising the bow of your craft for less drag substantially improving top-speed. Features a double-sided lip to retain silicone sealant and prevent cavitation.
    RIVA VTS Extension Rod is installed. Allows maximum "nozzle down" adjustment after installation of RIVA Pump Wedge. Necessary with Stage III modification to trim bow down off the line while providing maximum top speed advantage when trimmed up.
    RIVA Pro-Series Reduction Nozzle is installed. Allows nozzle exit diameter to be easily changed via interchangeable ring system to maximize performance in varying conditions. Includes three stainless steel rings in graduated sizes.
    RIVA Pro-Series Sponsons are installed. Our sponsons dramatically improve the handling of the RXP with superior blade & backing plate design. Sponson depth is adjustable to accommodate riding style.
    RIVA Pro-Series O.P.A.S. Block-Off Kit is installed. Removal of O.P.A.S. System improves handling characteristics for competition use. Removal of O.P.A.S. System is necessary to accommodate RIVA Rear Exhaust Kit. RIVA Racing does not recommend the removal of O.P.A.S. system for recreational use.

    And yes some tuning will be nesessary..Youll probley need to tweek your prop though to get the optimal RPMs..

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    That sounds more like a stage 2 to me. It will idle ok with the 42lb injectors. I am running 48lb injectors and it still idles ok.

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    Check out this link. A complete description of the Stage III RXP. You must of got the new guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedskixp View Post
    That sounds more like a stage 2 to me. It will idle ok with the 42lb injectors. I am running 48lb injectors and it still idles ok.
    +1...I have experianced the rough idle with the 42s and stock ECU BUT i changed out the stock plugs for the Iridiums and i no longer have that problem..

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    Im definitely not looking to spend that type of money. I would trade in my rxp and buy an rxp-x before going that route.

    i was originally told that I could get the stage 3 impeller, 42lb injectors, an intake, an exhaust, and an XS intercooler and I could be making considerably more power and be spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500. I was ok with that. I called RIVA today and spoke to someone about it and they basically agreed- they did not, however, mention tuning. I dont see how the jet ski will idle with the extra fuel not to mention, it will be sluggish on the low end from running rich.

    If im wrong about any/all of this, set me straight. Ive always owned 2-stroke jet skis over the years and never had something that was worth modifying. Id like to be able to do some work on this ski but am not looking to break the bank.

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    Your ski will will idle just fine with the 42's and you won't notice any sluggishness out of the hole or anything like that.

    I see you are new here. Welcome to the forum!
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    so 42lb injectors it is. thanks!
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    YES replace the ceramic ASAP. You can send charger to jerry it is in the store S/C service.

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