NMMA Submits Position Paper on HIN Proposal

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is again considering the costs and benefits associated with a proposal to expand the Hull Identification Number (HIN) by adding five characters to indicate length, hull material, principal means of propulsion and vessel type even though this information is already available in existing Coast Guard information collection systems.
Used extensively in the marine industry, the HIN is required on recreational boats sold in the United States in order to provide a unique identifier for each boat and to assist in boat recall programs. Both the Coast Guard and individual states use the HIN in boat registration, titling and documentation systems.
NMMA strongly opposes an expanded HIN information collection mandate because an expanded HIN would impose excessive costs on boat builders but would not result in any improvements in boating safety. An expanded HIN would also make the U.S. HIN format different than the format used by key trading partners, particularly the harmonized CIN format of the EU, creating trade complications.
NMMA submitted a Position Paper to the Coast Guard on August 15, 2008 with a cover letter that reports on work NMMA has begun with other marine stakeholders to find an acceptable alternative.
For more information on the HIN proposal, contact Cindy Squires at 202-737-9766; [email protected].