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Thread: ecu problem

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    ecu problem

    Can anyone help with this problem I have
    below is a conversation I had with a seadoo enginner

    hi ron
    i purchased an 04 rxp ecu for my 05 rxt from a forum member
    i took my ski down to my local dealer for key programming and they said an 04 ecu from a rxp wont work in an 05 rxt cos only some of the programming is held in the ecu on an 04 rxp and the other part in the mpem.
    is this correct or do you have to marry the ecu to the mpem (i heard this somewhere on the forums)
    I checked on the oem parts list and the part numbers for a rxp 04 ecu is different for an 05 rxt ecu
    so are the part numbers for the mpem for rxp04 rxt05.

    I have had an offer from forum member he has an 05 rxt ecu but i dont want to purchase if the 04 ecu is ok.

    You might be interested in the thread i started in the seadoo classified section: WTB- ECU for '05 RXT

    Hi John, this is incorrect. The 05 ECU will work just fine on the 04 model ski. To be able to run it you will also need the 04 RXP knock sensor update harness installed. It's available thru any dealer for around $38

    Dear ron
    my ski is rxt 2005, the ecu I purhased second hand is rxp 2004
    Can you let me know if it would still work.

    Okay, i understand now. Yes, it will work just fine. When activated on BUDS the knock sensor update will be auto loaded to the ECU. The 05 harness in your ski already has the knock sensor update resistor built into it.

    Dear ron
    When we put the dess key on the post the LCD display activates but there is no single beep or double beep to say it's reconised the key. The LCD displays all the usual functions
    like hours used, rpm, engine temperature, lake temperature etc. I can even depress the set button five times to bring up any errors and it does beep once and displays end to confirm no errors found.

    But it won't beep either single or double beeps to allow it to start. When my dealer plugs in their buds system they normally get a row of options displayed on their laptop but they say most of them are missing and that won't allow them to program the dess key. They say it's the strangest problem they have come across. Do you know whats wrong

    John, I'm not sure what to tell you as I'm not that familiar with the BUDS software. They will need to call in and talk to BRP tech support to see if they can walk them thru it.

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    i have the same issue with my riva ECU

    04 ski with 05 motor and 05 riva ecu

    when hooking up the the ski to the BUDS software they cant even get the program to load....

    i originally went there to get another key programmed for this eCU

    did you get any info on this issue?

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    outcome camero?

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