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    SLT 750 Advice needed

    I am new to the PWC scene so bare with me.I recently purchased a cherry early 95 SLT 750 w/150 hours. I got to ride it twice.I believe the drive coupler is toast as the impeller spins (when pushed w/stick) and the engine spins.Thanks to Beerdart posting the Polaris manual I understand a few things but would really appreciate some experienced advice on what I need and what not to do.Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Stick with Beerdart, he knows his chit...

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Polaris forum!

    Lots of reading and searching should help you get to know your Polaris very well.

    If you suspect the impeller is no longer solidly connected to the engine, then it is time to remove the jet pump and drive shaft, and inspect the drive line components. The Service Manual covers how to remove the jet pump.

    Once you have it apart, check the splines on both ends of the drive shaft, and inside the impeller and engine coupler. If the splines are worn down on any part, then that is a problem, and that part needs to be replaced.

    If the engine coupler has a larger rubber section, check that the rubber bond has not failed.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    It's really easy to check the coupler, impeller, and drive shaft for damaged splines. Download the manual and have a look at it. Keep us posted.

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    Thanks for the tips and encouragement I will be "diving in" this weekend.

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