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    Delayed throttle

    I have 2 93 SL750's and 1 of them runs fine except it has a delay when I hit the throttle. after it gets up and going the throttle is fine, but at first it boggs down. anyone have any ideas????

    thanks for the help!!!

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    Try using a little choke to see if it improves the problem. If it does, your running lean. Running it lean will burn a piston. May be time to go through the entire fuel system, replacing all fuel lines, cleaning carbs, checking the shut off valve, and replacing the single outlet pump w/ a triple outlet model if that hasn't already been done.

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    Check your carb settings first. If they are set to factory specs, than it's time for some fuel system maintence. First check filters and water seperator. Then upgrade/inspect everything Starflight recommended.

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