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    NO! pinched wrong hose for water tow

    Long story short. Returning from remote wilderness camp I towed my 03 GTX LTD about 1 hour at 20+ knots with the wrong hose pinched (flush out hose not exhaust manifold inject hose). Back at the marina at this point still not aware or the error and about to trailer boat. Was able to turn over engine but wouldn’t flash up. At same time questioning what the start issue was at the dock I learned of the accident and death of close friend and work partner at our work place … and went into autopilot. Trailered craft and at home, while stowing attempted a few more starts on trailer with engine turning only. Assumed at this point had knocked a lead or KO’d a sensor from the aggressive water tow.
    It’s now a month later, the work place is calming down and getting on with things, looking into the issue. Actually read the owners manual with regards to water tow and realized I have been misinformed on which hose to pinch.
    1 month … salt water … is a rebuilding something to consider? or just spend the extra cash and get a new short block.
    If rebuilding is an option, I can’t get into it for another month or so. Fill the engine with an anti-corrosion? Thanks guys

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    Does the motor still turn over?

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    Download the '03 Service Manual from the the Seadoo - General Discussion page, then read and follow the Drowned Engine procedure. But, pull the plugs and crank over the engine before you do anything else. If the cylinders have water in them, you might bend the rods and in a few hours the rods break. Good luck... Ron

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