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Thread: Touch up paint

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    Touch up paint

    I was bringing my ski home from riding, about an hour long interstate ride and the ski shifted and the winch handle sat right up on the bow of the machine. With all the bumps this made a nice quarter shaped white scratch in the blue paint. All the paint has been worn away, and you can see right down to the white. It bothers me SOOOO much.

    Are there any good fiberglass repair, gelcoat products out there? There's no cracks, just VERY worn down paint in one area. It's a Kawasaki Ski, could the dealer have touch up paint? But i know it will never look the same. What's used on boats when the operator has an accident or needs some serious fiberglass finish work?

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    6 has touch up pain that match

    they are pricey though for small quantity of product

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