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    Video of 1500...........

    Daren and myself will be going out again this Fri, he's taking the day off.......and so am I...... for this is probably the las of our season. We'll be vid the 1500 that is for sale, along with my 1300 and his RXP-X. Com on Fri.........

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    Took some video footage of Franks 1500cc for sale. Kevin, (Krazy-K) made two back to back 78.7mph passes Saturday.

    Two videos are posted.

    One shows a brief view on the trailer, the next one shows two back to back 78.7mph GPS passes on the water.

    Franks selling this for $7,000 or best offer with a trailer.

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    That was a fun day. And a fast ride. SUx on the first pass couldnt read the GPS. But I can Vouge for it, I did it. 78.7 back to back. If any one is intersted in the ski and wants a head up on how it perfroms. Just PM me and I will answer any ?. I rode this ski all day 2 full tanks of gas was a good day. I also rode this ski in all water conditions. And never had any problems. This SKI stays dry inside also. My RXP had more water in the hull than this one did.

    Thanks again (Fran) Peteshauling. I needed a good ride. been out ok a ski for almost 2 years now.

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    Ya, the video quality when converted and uploaded wasn't the best. Sorry

    I updated the links with the high quality flv file in the links. If you want the mp4 file, change the format (fmt) at the end from 6 to 18.

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