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    Hey guys, some of you may recognize me from pwctoday.

    Anywho, my dad has an 03 stxr and i've noticed it tends to bounce around and porpoise.....I figured id ask the people who would know best....what ride plate eliminates this? Or is there a pump wedge that can be bought? Anything simple like that, that can be done to keep the nose down a bit more?


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    Sounds like it already has the wedge. Both the [email protected] rideplate and the wedge are going to lift the nose up. Normally that makes it porpoise.

    You could try shimming the back of the rideplate down with washers to force the nose down some. Another thing to try would be to lower the sponsons down if possible. this should add lift to the back and force the nose over some.

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    I had the R&D intake grate and ride plate on my 03 stock class stxr and had no problems with purposing. Really liked this setup, it hooked up awesome in rough water and didn't scrub too much off top end.


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    Sounds good, I figured I'd throw some washers in one day when he wasn't looking. There is no wedge in it now, unless there is one from the factory.

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    is there a R&D plate on it...

    cruising the stxr is not one of it's best features if the water is will porpoise alot.

    stock plate with a grate will help along with sponsons or R&D with a grate...

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    Yeah....he does do some mid-speed cruising now a days haha....but I figured I can not completely eliminate it, only help it some.

    Thanks for the info!!

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