I have $4k cash and willing to commit to paying you $1000 per month for 3-4 months to pay for your ski and trailer. I'm looking for a Seadoo "balls to the walls ski" but willing to consider a Yamaha GPR/SHO or Kawasaki Ultra 250.

Willing to consider a partial trade for my Mint (10 - 15 hours) Yamaha FX1 Stand-up ski (one of about 2000 ever made). Original graphics, paint, decals, padding, everything excellent. Even had the registration letters/numbers custom made to match the FX1 fonts.

Has Factory-b pipe, MSD, SkatTrak SS impeller, bilge, light weight battery, and all new hoses, new handle pole spring, bilge handlebar remote, Dakine Foot holds (not installed) - engine compartment and engine is so clean you could eat off it. You can even see the original grease. All original equip is available too. Rail padding and tray padding is original and in excellent condition (remember this ski has less than 15 hours use), have super jet cover too. Used in fresh water only. Value to market $3000.

I'm located in Dallas, TX

If you have something you'd like me to consider, please PM me or email to [email protected]