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    215HP to 255HP Intercooler

    Speedster 150 SCIC

    2009 will offer the 255HP motor. Of course cost is way up. > $20k retail. My understanding is the only difference taking this to 255HP is the different intercooler. 40HP gain on external intercooler seems high. Does anyone know if there is any other mod's required to get to the 255HP? Has anyone added the external intercooler, and if yes, cost / benefit?


    (Current mods include new air intake, solas 18, SS wear ring)

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    The 255 motor also has a bigger supercharger that produces more boost.

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    Also the 255 has larger injectors and different ECU for fuel delivery. You can't just put on the IC and SC and be at 255hp (not for long, anyway), but you can easily take care of the fuel delivery problem with a RRFPR.

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    VX1- With all your mods in that list in your sig. What kind of HP would you guess that you are running now? BTW the other day when my buddy and I went out for a rip he gps'ed me at 96 KMH= 60 MPH. No mods bone stock with a freshly rebuilt SC. It was really cold out though we wer wearing heavy jackets and still freezing out n*tz off. I would love to see your boat smash some crazy #'s up hear in the cold Canadian weather.

    Note: I don't know how accurate the new I phone is for GPS speeds but I like what it says

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    Well, I guess i've got all that the 255hp has, plus the Rude (and air intake & dual exhaust, if that matters), so maybe +15 or 20 to 275hp? I don't think there's a huge amount of horsepower to be gained beyond that, without raising the RPMs (cause that's what HP is, torque * RPM), but my new supercharger is on it's way, so ask me again next week.

    Yeah, I'm a good solid 62mph in 95F degree water, so the polar bear piss water would have me 65mph+. Should get interesting this winter with water in the 70s, and I'll have the new SC and everything dialed in right.

    I image the I-phone to be decently accurate. Speaking of, I saw Garmin's new handheld GPSs are touch-screen, and all-screen, like these new phones. I'm going to feel so antiquated with my 76CSx.

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    VX1 which sc you gone a run .do you have boost gauge if yes what do get and what is your a/f.thanks

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    I'm getting the ET-68-140 monster. I seem to have a perpetual boost leak, and I've done just about everything I could to remedy it, short of replacing the intake manifold, so I figure I'll just throw more flow at it. The boost on my digital Cyberdyne read 9.0 @ 8100 back when I had the Green wheel, then 10.0 with Riva's stage 3 SC, and I get around 11.5 @ 8150 with the Rude. If I can get one more pound out of the ET, I'll be happy. With the RRFPR set at 60# and the 42#/hr injectors, my AFR is perfectly 11.9 at WOT. I'm hoping not to have to touch the RRFPR to much with the new SC; as long as the AFR comes out under 12.5, I'll probably leave it alone.

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