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Thread: Wiring question

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    Wiring question

    I recently bought a 96 sl700 and while checking the batt I found a Blk lead that comes out of the elec box disconnected from what appears to be the neg lead of the battery (not the main batt lead but a smaller gauge wire). Does anybody know what this lead does and would there be a reason to disconnect it.

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    I think there was a Service Bulletin regarding permanently disconnecting that small black wire from the battery to the electrical box.

    1992-1998 Polaris Service Manual is available here.

    The electrical box gets its ground connection through the black wire in the bundle that connects to the electrical stator inside the flywheel.

    Be sure you have the plastic protective cover in place over the top of the battery. If the battery positive post touches the shell of the electrical box, it can short and cause wiring damage.

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    i was wondering the same thing about that wire
    does it connect to the battery with the neg batt wire or does it ground on the engine?
    i have been putting it on the batt with the neg wire... is this good bad or ok to do?

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    Some go to the bilge pump.
    Where is your small grounding wire leading to?

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    On my 96 SL700 that smaller wire has always been on the battery post.After looking at the wiring diagram ,it appears it grounds every thing inside the elect box,if not grounding the box itself,than other items ground directly to the box.Or at the very least connects to alot of grounds inside the box. You can never have too many ground wires,running directly to the battery,except for the clutter.

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    Possible solution

    When you install the ignition update kit, you are required to cut / remove the smaller ground wire as the new stator grounds thru the harness.. Possibly the previous owner neglected to remove it?


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    Thanks for the help! The previous owner did tell me he has the stator replaced. They must have forgot to remove the wire.

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