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    Will this fuel pump fit

    I got a replacement fuel pump the Mikuni DF62-702 for my 97 1100 venture. It has one extra fitting on it which is slightly bigger than the rest. do I need to run another fuel hose? Which fittings go where?

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    There are arrows on the pump .. looks like the bigger fitting is the fuel inlet, and this has two outlets. can I plug on of the outlets and be fine that way? I assume the silver fitting goes to the fitting on the head (pulse line)? Just want to make 100% sure this is correct.... O yeah and what do I use to plug the outlet?

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    Sounds like you got "the wrong one", unless you were looking for the high volume pump. I would think you can just run both outlets into a tee fitting and run a single line from there to the carb.

    If it had a triple outlet setup or you had dual carbs, you could probably run a dedicated line to each carb from the fuel pump.

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    the dual outlet version is fine! they both feed from the same chamber! so the Tee idea or a plug will work!

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    Out of curiosity, will this just pump more fuel than the carbs technically need which will in turn just pump more fuel through the return line back to the tank?

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    it is a high output pump I'm not sure what stock is on the 1100?but the pentagon pump is what I run on my Polaris triple the more the merrier as far as fuel goes IMHO see post #3

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    The one he referenced is a dual output pump compared to my (stock) single output pump (both pentagon shaped, one just has an extra output). I would think if he was running a dual carb setup, he could set it up like post #2 in the thread you referenced (one output to each carb). Since he's got two outputs and three carbs to feed, I guess he'll have to go the route of the tee (or a plug).

    I was just curious if he would see any benefits of having the high output pump.

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