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    FX Crank & cams 22 Hrs

    Have a crank & cams 4 FX, VX 22 hrs there mint PM w/ offer.

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    Had this In my garage from The disgruntled cowboy for a few months It is like brand new no problems! Need it grab it. Lee

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    FX interns

    Thanks for the bump bro.

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    re crank


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    This really an easy build not to b afraid of. If your machine has ate a rod this could b your affordable way back on the water. I've built plenty & I belive just about any body with some tools, a little mechanical knowledge, & a manual could very easily do this in thier garage.

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    What year/model FX/VX is this crank out of? Is this for an FX-140 or FX-160 or VX-110? Thanks!

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    Don't mater thier all based off the R1 & crank, cams r the same. Just 4 grins tho it was an 06 FX 140.

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    Just FYI, I checked part numbers. The cranks are all the same, however the Cams are different for each of the 3 motors, the 140,160,110.

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    Crank & cams


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