So I'm going to call it what it is - it's not the right ski for me.

I've tried on 2 weekends and 2 tanks of gas and I'm not having as much fun as I expected - so it looks like a I'm going to give in and get couch for me. Maybe when I drop 50 lbs I'll try again.

So here goes: As most of you know - only 2000 of these were made between 94 and 95 and they are a rare find in perfect condition. Stock they run about 72 hp and 46 mph and with the mods I have gets 95 hp and 54 mph - ski only weights 280 lbs.

95 FX1 - very close to new condition - with only 15 hours on it total. Mods are all new and include:
  • Factory b pipe/exhaust system ($700 plus install)
  • MSD water controller ($210 plus install)
  • 500 gph bilge with handlebar remote
  • ScatTrak SS impeller ($200 plus install)
  • New Handle pole spring ($??)
  • All new hoses (purple) (??)
  • Light weight battery ($50)
  • SuperJet heavy duty cover. ($150)
  • Dakine foot holds (2) not installed ($50)
  • All original parts - ie. pipe are included
  • All graphics, decals, tray padding, rail padding, are original - and look close to new. Even the TX registration numbers are custom fonts to look like the font work for the FX1
  • Original manual included
No trailer included

Price: $3000 or...

Trade for a sweet fast couch ski.

One's I like...
  • Ultra 250x
  • GP1300r
  • RXP
  • RXX
  • RXPx
I can put up to $4000 in cash to make a deal stick.

Let me know what you think!


[email protected]
95 Yamaha FX1 - Flipper
Cool running - blistering fast and yet only (15 total hours)
Factory b pipe
SS Impeller
500 Bilge
Mini Battery
All original paint, graphics, pads, rail guards, etc