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    Whats the difference?

    What is the difference between the 08 and 07 super chargers ,I thought I saw somewhere the 08 had better oiling, would it be bad to put 07 chargers on a 08 boat even if I get a good deal?

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    My understanding about the 08 boats is that they are using the same chargers for the earlier 08 models and the later models have the same charger but are equiped with the updated titanium washers instead of the Shoty ceramic washers that cause nothing but headachs for people that are unaware of there failures.
    For the oiling part I am unsure about that one because I know when I had my SC out to verify that my washers had went I did not disconnect any oil feed or return lines from the SC and I can't see how it would get oil any other way.
    I may be wrong but I feel that there is no oiling for these SC'ers.

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