I think this GTS is just a pile of crap, 97 GTS 717 motor,,
I bought it a month or so ago,
it ran but went ahead and changed out the fuel lines and fuel cause it had been sitting for 2 years I was told, had the grey tempo crap lines,, added inline filters as well,, It ran good but you could feel it drop revs on top, then went back and R&R carb and cleaned the internal filter. running 105 on my compression gauge.
It had NGK BR5ES plugs in it, I thought wow such a hot plug,, I put the BR8ES in it but they do foul often, I have spark,, it is baby blue spark not yellow at all but it is a soft looking spark,, Is that normal on these machines, I opened the mag cover and all looks clean and dry, I have found some corrosion on the 4 pin connector and will clean it, I pulled the electronics box and opened it up, again clean no water, going to check all the connectors.
This machine is hard to start, I have done my fair share with 2 strokes, KTM bikes and the cr125 on my shifter kart, It almost seems like you have to hit it just right for it to fire, short hits on the starter button,, just cranking does nothing,,
I printed the pages on the electrical system and am going to check it out with the VOM meter.
anything I should look for ??
Thanks Doug