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Thread: 04 f12x issue

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    04 f12x issue

    I am working on a f12x turbo with 90hrs . After 45 mins to 1hr, the plastic 90 degree elbow that exhaust exits out of the hull, melts. I double checked all cooling hoses and didn't find a blockage. water is flowing when tied to the dock. there is no discoloration of any kind on the components due to heat. I pulled the intercooler off and checked it for blockage. there was a small amout of corrosion but water flowed thru very well.
    Has anyone ever heard of or had this issue before?

    thank you for any help

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    Under the turbo there is a 3/4 hose that feeds the exhaust manifold. Clean it out.


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    in the factory muffler in the lower section(going into the watertank) there is a water passage at the bottom, a little small hole the size of a pencil maybe smaller anyways that hole gets clogged by debri and sand that has made it all the way thru the water passages and this is the last spot before the water goes thru the tank and then the plastic bend that you say would be able to ride with this clogged ass water exits thru other pissers keeping you motor from over heating but causing the plastic bend to overheat from strait exhuast fumes and no cooling from the water.

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    thank you guys very much.

    the small passage you speak of in the waterbox, any suggestions on cleaning it out. or just doushing it with salt away and flushing it out.

    thanks again for the help

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    you could blow thru it or if something is stuck you could drill it there is nothing special behind it

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    Ok so I just had this issue at our dealership. Blew out every water hose on the machine and still melted exhaust outlet tube. Took off exhaust that goes into the waterbox and right at the bottom is where the water comes out into the waterbox. Well, that was plugged and waterbox was super hot. Took the 17mm allen plug out of the bottom and cleaned/reamed out the hole. This is what you have to do.

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