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    2003 Ultra 150 Questions from a newbie

    Hi all,
    I just bought a used 2003 Ultra 150, rode it the first time yesterday and have several questions. Hope you guys don't mind to answer them

    1) Impeller. I took it to the dealer for inspection and they said the jet ski has a incorrect impeller. There are excessive clearance between impeller and pump case. They say it will reduce the performance and might damage ? (I don't remember damage what). Do I need to replace the impeller? It costs $600 to replace one, can I do it myself?

    2) Is it normal for this jet ski lean toward the left? I rode jet ski before (from rental), and it seems this jet ski is harder to control. I can feel that it lean toward the left.

    3) The Speedometer work, but stop working (showing O MPH) after the jeski top over on the left and throw me on the water.

    4) The previous owner said he did not trust the oil injection system, he always premix the gas 50:1. Can I continue to do the way he did without doing anything to the oil injection system? (The technician warned me that I might get used to the warning blinking of empty oil and ignore the real warnings later)


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    Congrads on the new ski!

    1) I'm not sure what the tech is talking about an incorrect Impeller. It might be an after market impeller, but that again won't damage anything, nor hurt performance. Do you know if the last owner changed the pump bearings? Ultra require that every 60 hours or so you change the pump bearings, otherwise pump/prop damage can occur.

    2) The Ultra can get pretty crazy to ride in the chop. It shouldn't lean one way or another, but it is a very lite ski, and if you are putting more weight on the left while riding, it will definitely lean that way.

    3) I would check for a lose connection. If you look under the seat right behind the big gray box, you should see a white connector with 3 wires. That is the connector to the speedometer, try unplugging and see if any water got into it.

    4)You must continue to use the oil injection system on the Ultra. The Ultra is not like most 2 stroke engines. It several rotating parts that cannot get oiled from premixing alone. If you do not put oil in the oil tank, and only premix, I give the engine 10 hours at best. If a dealer tech told you this, he obviously does not have much knowledge on the 1200 engine, and if you think you will be taking the ski to a dealer for preventive maintance/general repairs, I would find a new dealer.

    The oil injection system is very reliable, given you do the following: Inspect the oil lines often. I would atleast 1-2times a summer, remove the big gray box on the left side of the engine, and look over each oil line for cracks or breaks There are 5 small lines that come from the front of the engine, and then one bigger line that runs to the tank. It honestly won't take you 30 minutes to look over each line carefully for any small cracks or rips.

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    Welcome to green hulk!

    First if your dealer is wanting to charge you 600 for an impeller he is trying to rip you off. If you have a little compitience with tools we can help you out and have you working on your own ski. The ultra pump has shims so wear ring clearance can be adjusted. You will need to pull the pump to adjust it and while it is out we can id the prop. The most common a/m prop to find on an ultra is a solas 16/20.

    The most concerning issue for me would be the premix. Ultras use a oil pump with 5 outputs. 1 goes to each carb then 2 go to the front and rear balancer cavitys. The balancers get oil from the pump and then have check valves that feed it to the #1 and #3 cylinders. You need the pump to get the oil to the front and rear balancers. If the previous owner did something to block those check valves you need to know what he did. There is really no need to block off and run premix. You do need to keep an eye on the oil lines they can crack with age. The best move is to change out the lines you will need to run premix with the first tank of gas while any trapped air works its way out. You will probably foul some plugs while doing this so have some spares. I still run the oil injection on mine and I have probably the most modded ultra here. I do add 1 ounce per gallon just to be safe.

    I wouldnt worry too much about the spedo it lies anyway. The best tools for tunning is a gps and a tiny tach comercial. The manual will tell you how to check the speedo. Most likely it has some trash caught in the wheel located an the back of the ski.

    The service manual will tell you how to do most anything on your ski if in doubt take pictures and ask. I will send you a pm about the manual.

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    Many thanks for the advices. I spent time yesterday to glance through the service manuals and it seems not too difficult. The concern I have is that I don't have some special tools required for the job. I googled to find shop that sells those tools but had no hit. Do you know where can I buy the tools?


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    Specifically what tools are you looking at?

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    The most common tools you will need are 10, 12, 14mm sockets 5 mm allen wrench 4" and 6" extensions. To remve the prop you will need a impeller tool and a vice. I would also suggest a torque wrench. Your first saved trip to the stealership will pay for all those tools. Dave at impros is a good source for the impeller and tool. You may not need the tool or the prop depending on what you find when the pump comes off. Depending on what you find you might be best to send the pump to skiworx for bearings and the prop. Steve will send it back all set up for you. Improse does this service also depending on which coast you are on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pthoma1 View Post
    3) I would check for a lose connection. If you look under the seat right behind the big gray box, you should see a white connector with 3 wires. That is the connector to the speedometer, try unplugging and see if any water got into it.
    Interestingly, I have took my jet ski to two different shops for getting the oil injection back to work and replacing the impeller, and both haven't yet to diagnose why speedometer did not work. Taking your advise to unlog the connector to check for the water, I trace the cable to the back to the spinning wheel to make sure that I have the right cable, then I just spinned the wheel. Surprise! the speedometer works.

    I don't think I will rely on this "cheap" speedometer to determine the speed, but it is nice to have everything functions on the dashboard.

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