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    KAWI 09 Dealer show TODAY: poste'm if you got'm

    How about a new thread dedicated to the 09's... TODAY is the day...

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    Cant f*****g wait....

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    Check Kawi's website for the new ultra's.

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    I like the new black and green ULTRA260X. I am reading between the lines that the GIO issue may be resolved

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    Interesting, 260hp, looking at engine pics, no valve cover blockoffs. I wonder what more mods that we have are now stock?
    Ah this jewel I found,

    Ignition timing advanced 4-degrees also contributing to the most powerful production engine fitted on a luxury PWC in the world

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    less weight, more power and wonderfull color !!!!!! i like it !

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    So, they essentially did NOTHING.... BLAH !!! no 285 hp ultra 2 seater R version. what a let down.. After all the innovations sea-puke came out with, kawi went real big with an extra 10 hp and BNG.. Way to go Kawi...

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    can someone post pics?I can't view them from iPhone

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    I don't have much time and the pictures I took are on the company camera that you'll see in my official report, but here's the Cliff's Notes version:

    1) SIX models for 2009:
    -Ultra 260LX
    -Ultra 260X
    -Ultra LX

    The Ultra's gained a little bit of weight in the form of reinforced bolstering on the sides of the hull for added rigidity (2008 curb weight was 1034, it's now 1063lbs.)

    The new prop produces a maximum thrust of 1585lbs. over the previous 1524lbs. It appears that a new intercooler inlet has been tapped into the jet pump for better cooling.

    The engine touts new pistons with revised ringlands and a new crown. Additionally, the compression has been bumped to 8.4:1 versus the older 7.8:1. No solid info on whether the skirt is longer and features an additional compression ring.

    New, more aggressive cams. Whether these are repackaged LX/STX-15F cams or not, I don't know. It sounded like these are a new, unique grind with more lift.

    The biggest issue that Kawasaki's internal team had with the previous 250Xs was its timing. Now, they are VERY proud of their ignition system, promising a better burn, a leaner burn, and a more efficient burn. (read: more MPG)

    New colors for the 260X include a Monster-inspired ebony/green, red, ebody/silver/blue while the new Ultra 260LX is only in Phantom Silver/Jet White.

    The 260LX is pretty close to what I proposed in my earlier editorial called "Day Dreaming" wherein I imagined a luxury Ultra. Well, it's pretty plush but only in the form of being a 260X with a very Yamaha Cruiser-inspired seat and Mercedes-Benz colors. Other than that, it's pretty identical to the 260X.

    Oh yeah, the "STX" is a stripped down STX-15F. No swim step or mirrors. Same engine. Same everything else...

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