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    2008 JETRAID Edition: PERU

    Peru 2008 Edition

    The 2008 edition of the JETRAID will be held in PERU from the 29th of November to 7th of December. During this time we have been thinking about the diferents options and without taking out any chance to the others countries we took the decition of choose the mystic PERU for the 8th edition.

    Together with the PERUVIAN JETSKI ASSOSIATION and with the homologation of IJSBA we are going to have the WORLD IJSBA RAID CHAMPIONSHIP.

    The JETRAID organisation is proud to have this year the help of a group of fanatics of the jetski like his president Anibal Aliaga.

    In this edition we are going to cellebrate 10 years giving challenges and we promise to pilots and participants an unforgetable experience.

    We hope to have the sea book and the waypoints at the end of february and we keep on working to find economicals solutions to have a low budget for the pilots.


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    When Patrick Nassogne first embarked upon the project that was to become the Corona Extra Jetraid in 1998 he never imagined that years later, the event would have acquired such international renown and status.

    The first Jetraid started out with 11 pilots and a handful of volunteers - billed as a rally raid adventure on watercraft.The number of participants has increased by 35 % each year since then and the event is now sanctioned by the International Jet Sports and Boating Association (IJSBA) as the World Raid Championship.

    Over the years, pilots from 15 different countries have joined us in this great adventure that remains as unpredictable as it is addictive.

    The Jetraid has grown in stature over the years and has visited seven different countries (Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Uruguay and Argentina) but make no mistake; the race is still aimed at everyone looking for a challenge to test their wits and their stamina.

    It’s a race through uncharted territory for professionals and amateurs alike, and it’s not all about being the fastest or having the most powerful machine. It’s all about reading the situation, reacting well under pressure, taking the right decisions at the right time, and finding hidden inner strengths.

    Some people join us for the scenery and culture. Some people join us for the adventure.

    Some people join us to win and some people join us just to reach the finish.

    The Jetraid lives up to the expectations of each and every one of them no matter what that expectation or their own capabilities might be.

    o [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']The JETRAID throught the years.[/font]

    As years come by and editions pass many things began to change.
    The first change, and most common to happen was the PWC pilots used. Over the years the technology used on the engines was improved. They become faster and larger on cc`s

    The second change was the increase of pilots and nationalities. Nowadays there are 15 countries on this event with a 20% of growth in people related to this event.

    Another important change is the retrieval of Corona as main Sponsor after the sixth edition in Turkey had to be suspended due to budget and sponsors.

    The return of the JETRAID was on 2006 in Uruguay, where many things changed in contrast to the other five editions. The most important change was location. It shifted from the African continent to the American with everything that implies; change of culture, change of scenery, etc. Also the incorporation of new pilots witch had never participated in this kind of event. It was the return of something lost that many were willing it came back.

    The seventh edition had very positive changes. They were the extension of the race programme with much more kilometers per day, harder sea conditions and more complex navigations. Other positive change was the incorporation of new pilots such as the Peruvian team or the Argentinean pilots.

    What can we expect for the next edition? First of all the hardest sea the jetraid has faced, much more complex navigations were a mistake can decide whether you come first or last, obstacles so difficult some of you wont be able to go through. With no hesitation I can say that this eighth edition will be as the others, unique, but there is something common to all editions that will never change. The spirit of joining once a year to live an adventure witch gives you something to talk till the next edition.

    Characteristics of the competition

    Types of competitions

    • Close course: close circuit between buoys of 45 minutes of race.

    • Oval race: speed race in a circle of 30 minutes with no refuelling.

    • Flash race: speed race in a short distance on a river.

    • Off shore: speed race in an open sea between two points with refuelling. Use of GPS.

    • Navigation race: Navigation between GPS points with refuelling and generally inside a river delta.

    • Endurance: Speed race in an open circuit of 90 minutes with refuelling on race time.

    • Slalom: Small race in a slalom one against the other or by time.

    • Enlace: part of the race which pilot must done in caravan and arrive to earn the points.

    Most of these competitions have critical consumptions of gas or complex GPS navigations, so probably the fastest pilot will not win but the smartest one with the best strategy of race.


    The pilot can choose to participate in F1 or F2 (2 pilots, 1 PWC), where you can change the driver each time your want in the refueling points how many times you want.. The maximum number of PWC accepted for the race it will be 50.-

    Personal Watercraft

    The PWC allowed are IJSBA super stock but as you know it is a long race, so we recommend a stock one, 3 seaters, two or four stroke.

    PWC equipment

    The pilot must have on the PWC the following:

    • GPS.
    • Cellular.
    • First aid kit.
    • Towing rope.
    • Whistle.
    • Signal mirror.
    • Smoke fireworks.
    • Aluminum radar cover.
    • Anchor with 20 mts rope.
    • Ten liters gasoline can.

    .• Water

    Lodging and transportation

    The organization provides to the participants all the lodging and food during the event, that means from the start line till the award ceremony inclusive. As well provides the logistic of transportation of luggage and repair kits by sea or earth during the event.

    The lodging is going to be from hotels to campgrounds that is why the participants must bring tent and a sleeping bag.

    Transportation of PWC

    It is the option of the pilot to bring by his own the PWC to the starting grid. The organization will provides a place for the loading in Europe for the PWC and all the cost of this are going to be pay by the pilot..

    Race numbers

    The numbers 1 to 10 are going to be reserved for the ranking of the 2007 edition. You can choose 11 to 100 if it is not occupied. You must put your number on both sides of the PWC in black on white with no less than 20 cm high. The organization will provide you the number to use on the back of your life vest.


    The pilot can show his sponsors on the PWC, clothes and boxes with no restrictions and it is his decision if he wants to put the official ones on his PWC.

    Medical insurance

    The organization will provide a medical team in case of emergency and will give the transportation to the closer hospital without cost. After that, you have to have a medical insurance and if not, you can buy one trough us. Let us know if not, we understand that you have one.

    Plane ticket

    There is no a special flight to come to the event. You must be ready on the starting line and leave after the award ceremony. If you arrive earlier the organisation will give you an optional hotel but costs will be taken by the pilot.

    Media and Internet

    The JETRAID keeps the right to use the images of the event for the promotion of it. We will provide the pilot a free DVD with the images for the diffusion of the event. All the results are going to be on line day by day on

    The 8th edition – Peru 2008.
    o Programme Course

    Saturday, November 29
    • 10:30: Close race in 45 minutes on the beach of Agua Dulce CHORRILLOS in Lima, Peru;

    • 13:00: Offshore + - 40 km with a refueling at the Yacht Club of Santa Maria;

    • 15:00: Offshore + - 80 miles to the beach at Cerro Azul.

    Sunday, November 30

    • 9:00: Offshore + - 95 miles to Paracas, which should bring the machines to limit their consumption, but beware if the driver uses its 10-litre reserve tank, it will be penalized;

    • 15:00: Oval Race 30 ´on the beach Paracas.

    Monday, 1 December

    • 9:00: Navigation + - 100 km around the islands Sangayan, Ballestas and Chincha with some difficulties: A question will be posed to the pilot at his departure, the answer is on his way to the first waypoint in island Sangayan, is the answer is correct he can go directly to the 2nd, otherwise it will make a tour of the island and other additional surprises…

    • 15:00: Close race in 45 minutes on calm seas.

    Tuesday, December 2


    10:00 horas Off shore: Paracas–Laguna Grande- Wakama
    Passing Point inside of Laguna Grande
    Refuelling 30 liters inside Laguna- Total KM 160

    Wednesday, December 3
    • 9:00: Offshore + - 240 miles to Ancon, this time with many supply points (Cerro Azul, Santa Maria and Agua Dulce), the fastest driver will mark the highest points.
    Thursday, December 4 • 10:00 Offshore to Huacho

    Flash Race Huacho - El Paraiso beach. Lunch will be on the beach El Paraiso, the local community has planned a big party and a traditional meal.

    Friday, December 5
    • 10:00 Offshore El Paraiso – Ancon. Passing point in Hormiga island.

    Total of the day: 100 Km

    Saturday, December 6

    • 10h00: Flash Race + - 60 miles to the beach to Agua Dulce

    • 15:00: Endurance, 90 min on the beach of Algua Dulce, for refuelling, it is forbidden to have speed systems for the F2, it is necessary to change drivers at least once;

    • 21:00: Closing Ceremony of the raid.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Phone 00598 26822154

    Cel 00598 96435464

    Bruno Casa – Event Director

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