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    92 GTX Overheating

    Anyone have any ideas on why my GTX is overheating. It was overheating when I got it.

    I can put on the garden hose and it seems to run fine. When I get out on the water it over heats within about 3-5 minutes, even on the trailer if I run at about 4k rpms for that period steam starts coming out the pisser from the head and the engine is hot. I loosened the garden hose connector and their was some water and it was hot as well.

    I have traced the coolant lines and cleaned them from end to end. I cleared out the elbows where stuff gets clogged at the manifold side and the engine side and even took the top off the engine and cleaned out this area. I have also made sure water flows in from the impeller area by hooking a hose inside the engine compartment and spraying water out the impeller side, no blockages seen.

    My compression on the engine appears good.

    Two questions:

    What else am I missing? OR is it the engine?

    If its still a coolant flow issue, how much water should be pouring out of the garden hose connector when in the water if you open it?

    Any input would be great. Thanks.

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    there isn't anything blocking the intake under the ski like seaweed right?

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    No, nothing under the grate. Nothing in the pump housing. I am perplexed...

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    Alright, can someone answer this then. Could the reason its overheating be due to the engine being shot?

    In other words, if the water is flowing around it as its supposed to, the only other reason I can think of is the engine has something wrong with it.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

    Or is it possible the fuel is too lean? Although it runs fine until the overheat buzzer goes off...

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