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    2rude and et140 output temps

    First off id like to say hi to everyone on the forum, ive been a long time reader but this is my first post. I really enjoy this forum and think it has so much to offer.
    My question is i would really like to see the difference in output temps(intake manifold) between the 2 new superchargers 2rude and et140. Can the people that are going to do back to back tests please include this in there tests as i think it is very important. I look forward to hearing some results.

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    I think that measuring intake temps at the manifold is very subjective as it all depend on what intercooler and what water you are running in as to what temps you gona get at the manifold. However it would be interesting to know what the charge temp is at the SC before any cooling takes place. Any1 able to measure this?? R88

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    It would be really easy with a craftsman voltmeter w/thermocouple. You could then calculate the compressor efficiency, which would be very revealing.

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    Wouldn't it be better to baseline a setup @ wot where you know the injector duty cycle is @100% (static open) making note of fuel rail pressure, boost pressure, injector size and air fuel ratio (11.9 @ wot)? You could then calculate the pounds of fuel per hour the ski was using, then calculate horsepower. After the baseline is determined, slap in the new sc'r and tweak the prop for the same rpms and set the fuel pressure to get the same afr. Make note of the new fuel pressure, boost pressure and injector size (larger injectors may be needed). Then calculate the new fuel flow and hp ratings. This would give a good estimate of the hp gain from the sc'r, or any hp adder for that matter. Ultimately, what we're concerned with is how many more pounds per hour of air we can move through the engine. An increase in boost will be partially offset by an increase in intake charge temperature due to the increase in the heat of compression caused by running higher boost. Boost numbers won't tell the whole story, but pounds per hour of air should. Just a thought.


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