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    What do you use to clean the deck?

    What do you use to clean the deck?, Someone else said in a previous thread to use soft scrub, but I went to buy it and read the bottle and it said it could lighten or discolor a surface ? I dont want to take a chance is there something else?

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    just use dish soap. i use it on everything, the floor, the seats, etc., with a soft brush. makes the boat look great

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    I use some simple green and a soft brush

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    hertel works fine but make shure you rince well it corrode everything.

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    My 2500psi pressure washer is quick and easy; looks brand new afterwards.

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    I would be scared to use pressure washer ,I've used it on decks and have seen lifting etc.

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    You mean wood decks? You possibly wouldn't want to use a commercial 6000psi washer, but as far as a 2500psi residential one, it's not hurting the boat a bit.

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    I use a pressure washer as well (1800 psi)....

    I will also use a magic eraser for the scuffs/marks that won't come off.

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    i use the deck cleaner wal-mart sells in thier boat section .... i cannot remember the name(its at home and im at work) but it works great and adds a non-slip coating too i also use the seat cleaner from thier too it works wonders on my white seats

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    I've used "Fantastik" which works very well and is suggested by the service manual. The manual also suggests using "303" as a protectant for the vinyl seats. I went to to research their products since I had never heard of them. They offer a sample kit for $5 (covers shipping). Recieved the kit this weekend and tried it out. The 303 protectant seems to work well on the seats which brought back a nice luster to them without a greasy or slick feel. Also used it on the hull and trailer tires with the same results. Apparently this stuff can be used on quite a variety of different things and has UV shield to protect from fading, cracking, drying, etc. First impression is good - We'll see how it works over the long term.

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