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    2002 GPR Oil leak question

    Hello All,

    I'm a long time reader, but have just signed up so that I can post. I currently have a 2002 GPR that may have an issue. I'm hoping for some help.

    I went to take my skis out yesterday (I hadn't run them for about a month). I always fire them up before driving to the water and both started easily and everything appeared OK. We stopped at the gas station on the way to the water to get some fuel and I noticed that there was oil in the right hand side footwell . Not a lot of oil and it wasn't flowing, just two or tree small trails down to a small amount gathering in the footwell (about 2 teaspoons worth).

    I'm not sure if the oil had been there for a while or whether it was fresh. I hadn't noticed the oil before, the right hand footwell is in the middle of the two skis as they sit on the trailer, so it may have already been there. Is there anyway that the oil can splash out, the oil resevoir is almost full, and was filled about a month ago before we used the skis for about 1.5 hours of riding. As I said, this was the first time I had noticed any oil.

    The oil appears to be coming from underneath the cowling.. I removed some of the nuts at the bottom to see where it was coming from and it appears to running from somewhere up higher on the outside of the hull (but underneath the cowling).

    I am not mechanically minded, but I know that oil leaking into the footwell is not a good thing. We didn't run the GPR yesterday just in case. I'm paranoid about seizing the motor.

    Does anyone have any ideas where this oil would be coming from? I cleaned up the oil yesterday and this morning there is a tiny amount still dribbling that hasn't hit the footwell yet. I will try to attach a photo (because a picture says it better...)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the Hulk..

    If you overfill the oil tank it will drip from the cowlings and it will take some time for it stop. Been there done that..

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    Yup what he said. Same thing happened to me.

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    OK, but the oil leak is on the opposite side to where you fill the oil? Would it leak on the opposite side?

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    Bit of subject but i have an 08 gp and how the hell do you know when the tanks full or running low on oil as everytime i fill oil up always overflows cant see oil in the tank which is very annoying.

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    if its a 2002 model you should really consider going premix, the old pumps do fail after a while or the hoses come off and when they do you sieze the motor, its cheap insurance really and no more worrying about over filling.

    as for the last question, open the hood when you fill it so the sun light shines in or use a torch if your indoors and you can see the tank as it gets filled.

    an easy way to not over fill is, when the oil warning comes on only put 3 litres in it......

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    Just watch for the oil to start coming up the chain on the cap, you can usually get enough light going in there to see it. Like was said, go pre-mix if you like your motor

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZ_GPR View Post

    Re; pm sorry i could not 100% sure without checking but i'm glad the pm got you in the right direction

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