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    BeerFestTwoHarbor Ride – September 20, 2008

    Subject: BeerFestTwoHarbor Ride – September 20, 2008

    The not too well publicized Beerfest festival at Two Harbors, Catalina Island took place this Saturday, September 20, 2008. Five (5) riders from SoCal Watercraft Club did a little channel crossing this morning for TwoHarbor, Catalina Island; though not all at the same time. Twenty five different microbrews later, and we were almost ready to come home. Now you know this group wouldn’t do something like that; but, there is just something about boaters and beer. Perhaps it was best said by John Welsh, a Brooklyn bus driver who won $30 million in the New York lottery. First thing he said is "I'm going to buy a boat... do a little travelling, and I'm going to be drinking some beer!"

    Guess what, no one not even Crash won the lottery this morning and he ended up taking his “vintage” boat for a little traveling, only I don’t recall him drinking much, if any beer. Hours after the first group’s arrival at TwoHarbor (Russell, Brian, Ian and Ralph) see this guy walking around in a wet suit and knew right of he wasn’t part of the cowboy group in the bar. There were all these guys at one corner of the bar wearing chaps and cowboy hats and then there was Crash. Come to think of it I don’t recall seeing any horses, did you?

    We had to ask him who he was, as he could not recognize us without our wet suits on and we didn’t know each other. We were all trying to fit in like boaters this morning for BeerFest so as not give PWC’s a bad name in case anyone of us got out of hand. So, when we got on the island we stealthily took all our gear off when we arrived. It fit neatly into one of those storage lockers they rent. Then we went on a hike to the windward end of the island. It was less than a mile to see the back side of the island. Nice, warm sunny day.

    Everyone that saw us always wanted to know how long did it take us to get to Catalina. That was the first words out of anyone’s mouth. Not did you come to drink beer or can I buy you another beer or how do you like the beer or how much gas did you use; it was always how long did it take you to get here. Sorry our standard reply was always 30 minutes. By that standard we should all qualify to be pwcoffshore riders. Seemed like a good round about number. We even caught Crash telling one of the cowboys that it also took him 30 minutes to get over here on his ski! Maybe it did. Next time I’ll try 20 minutes.

    While I’m on the subject of describing this trip for those of you that couldn’t get out there this morning cause you’re still waiting to win that lotto I took notes for this little article on things not said on this trip; after our little group got acquainted. ……..

    -No one said, "Hey Russell, let's go shopping instead, Two Harbors can wait."
    -"No one said, why don’t we just not buy these beers, save our money and send our wives flowers instead?"
    -No one said, "Hey! Wish our wives were here!"
    -No one said, boy I wish I had a vintage Yamaha jet ski.

    No one said, "My jet ski can't outrun that boat!"
    -"Leak, what leak; we can just put Duct Tape on it."
    -"I feel pretty guilty not washing those breakfast dishes before leaving home this morning!"
    -And almost finally, no one said "I can't participate in this big trip to Two Harbors cause my neighbor is throwing a Tupperware party and I really need a mixing bowl."
    -Finally, no one said "I think they should ban beer fest on an island – how will people ever get home.”
    -O.K, just one more "C'mon, man - we can ride to
    Catalina Island another time” Well, maybe I did just say that once.

    Back to the launch ramp. Harbor Patrol guys came over to check us out. Both would qualify for explorers and looked like they just started to shave last Wednesday. They were that young. Good guys. We set them straight about the wake zone and got clearance for making it to Two Harbors in 30 minutes flat and they would run interference for us. Honest Cowboy!

    The ride over was good long swells. If you got over 40 mph you would certainly be getting some air time and may or may not hit the next swell. Lots of air time till we were on the lee side of the island. Ian on his SeaDoo was pushing the group till Trawlercat decided to open it up as well. The island was visible all the way across we were there in 30 minutes flat. Double honest Cowboy!

    The return ride was even better. I tried riding the Vintage flyer from the dock out to about a mile out. When Russell caught up to Crash on my GTX and he told us he had to do some explaining to the Harbor guys about our departure speed. I was just doing all I could to try to stay on that Speed Racer of his. Its like I say, you can take an inexperienced boater and put him on a great offshore fisherman boat like a Blackfin and he could get out there and sink it. Once Crash got on his ski you saw a guy that definitely knows what he was doing. He made the entire ride back fun for the rest of the group. The swells on the return trip reminded me of a snow ski slope with all of us on our very own red diamond run. On some occasions the swells were so large you could almost not see the third, fourth of fifth rider. Then on occasions Crash or Ian would turn towards the swell and go for some great air time. The rest of us soon followed and before you know it we were going opposite of our destination. We did this almost repeatedly till we were almost three miles outside of our Angels Gate lighthouse.

    All in all it was a great ride. I did ask for comments from the other riders for this story so here goes; great ride; if you were on the fence and didn’t come, it was a great loss, looking forward to the next one! Put it down on your calendars – BeerFest 2009, the guys are planning on setting up a group camp ride; plan on coming and you too can make it over in 30 minutes flat.


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    Sounds like a blast. I'm in for 2009

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