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    Question POLARIS Loose Exhaust Manifold Bolts - WONT START

    I have a 99 SLTH and I've been breaking the new SBT engine in. I did this over a 2 day period. I ran it up to 90% fanning the throtle for 30 min. Killed it and tryed to restart it. Wouldnt start. Updated the jumper the next day and it started right up in the drive way. Did this 3 times for just a few seconds each & then decided to take it to the lake. Got it in the water and it started right up. Killed it a minute later & it was hard to start. Jacked around with it and it finally started. Rode it around for a minute and it wanted to die at idle. Started 2 more times and rode it briefly until it died. Jacked around with it some more and couldn't get it to fire. I would crank and crank and every now & then it would try to fire with a bppppppwaa sound that lasted half second. Got about 5 of those & then nothing. Ran the battery down trying to start it and its charging right now.

    My main question is this.
    I found an exhaust bolt in the bottom of the hull. I put the bolt back in and had to tighten the others up. Could this be the reason it isn't starting.
    Plenty of oil and gas on the plugs and I'm also getting spark as well.
    Ignition was updated along with new engine. I have only put 1 1/2 hour on ski

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    Did the exhaust pipe loosen from the manifold? If it did you may have got water into the cyl's. Pull all plugs,crank to make sure water isn't in the cyls. Get it started then,How much water entered the hull,if any. If so the electrical box may have got some water in it.If so,clean,dry and seal it.

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    nothing was visualy loose. Just put the bolt back in and tightened others up (couple of turns each). Again it looked to be on nice and tight. Very little water was in the hull. Electrical box was dry also.

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