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    Impeller binding on wear ring.. problem or symptom?

    My impeller was locked up against the wear ring. There's a quarter size spot on the inner ring that is damaged, and some burn/wear on the edge of the impeller (but not terrible)

    The impeller itself spins smoothly but somewhat stiff in the cone bearing.. stiff enough that if I try to spin it freely by hand it only makes it about 1/8 turn then stops. Is that good or is that a candidate for a bearing redo?

    Looks like the most affordable option is a WSM jet pump replacement housing, #003-505 as a replacment.. (98 XL1200) Is the WSM replacement a decent product?

    But my important question - how can I be sure that the wear ring was the problem, and not a symptom of something else that went wrong? Everything seems to spin fine... eyeballing it I just can't be certain. ?? The ring does have lots of scratches all the way around, but I presume this is why it's called a wear ring.

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    If it were mine! and I just did this to my 98 XL 1200's and 99 xl 700 is pull it down , pull the impeller and inspect . the bearings aren't high dollar on the 98 the 99 xl has a 100$ rear bearing for some reason , so you may want to drop the 55$ for all the parts from Yami? and the wear ring may have a corrosion issue between the sleeve and housing so I would replace it also while your in there you may want to reseal the thru hull ?

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    The wear rings have a thin Stainless liner. Corrosion gets in between the aluminum housing and liner and swells it. when this happens it is time to replace or repair. Impros and Skat does repairs. Many others offer new ones and then there are the modified plastic ones.

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