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    polaris sl780 grey wire disconnected!!

    I posted a few weeks back about my polaris bogging and i was told to try and disconnect the grey wire which i have done and it seems to have sorted the problem but i need to get it to water to try it out!
    My question is, now that the wire is disconnected my lcd display isnt working and i was wondering how much of an issue this is as i now cant see the temp or oil levels without checking manually! Id also like to try and find out what i need to do to rectify the bogging (so i can re-connect the grey wire and get my display working again)
    Any suggestions from you guys would be greatly appreciated!



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    The grey wire has nothing to do with the MFD not working ,check the fuse for the MFD

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    Im sure your right actually, i just remembered i took the fuse out when i went to the lake last time!
    Do you know why it is ok with the grey wire disconnected, i really want to get to the bottom of it!

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    i think on your ski only three things will put the ski in limp mode ,Low oil ,Low fuel or temp sensor .I would make sure your oil and fuel gauge is working if so then the temp sensor is bad or your motor is running hot .

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    Thanks for the advise!!

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