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    newb to engine mods

    hey guys now that ive got her apart i was thinking of boring the cylinders 20 over but i have no idea what or if i have to change things like the cylinder heads or head gaskets and so on i plan to change the reed valves tho i may shave the heads.... well any help or sujestions would be nice i have all winter adn moneys not a problem so if theres any upgrades you guys think would be good im game as long as it still runs off pump gas even if it is super

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    I had to look at your profile to see what ya had, and noticed the pic of the broken rod. Why not save your crank and bore/ piston change money, and buy beerdart's 750? You can check w/ john zigler... to see if he has a 780. That would be a noticable gain. Extend the pump and a longer ride plate will give ya a few more mph.

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