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    Need some help please

    I recently bought a 98 SLTH and when I test drove it it would run but occasionaly "bog down" then start to run fine again. The guy who had it before me did not run it all last year so I thought bad gas. When I took it home I emptied all the fuel and filled up with fresh gas. Also changed the plugs. The next 2 times out ran perfect. But today I had it out for about 2 hours and then it stated doing it again. Sounds like a fuel delivery problem. I emptied the fuel/water sep. Any ideas? When it is acting up it seemd to run ok up to about 4500 RPM @33 MPH but if I give it full throttle it seems to bog or starve for fuel.

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    I think its time to clean/rebuild the carbs.

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    Thats what I was thinking. I have done car carbs, outboards and mowers how do these compare?

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    While you are there, it might be time to replace the fuel lines too. I just had to do this on my friends SLT780.

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    check the strainers on the fuel pick ups inside the tank as well

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    air leak on the lines,clogged screens on the brass seats,or the dreaded green gunkus in the return restrictor

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    Fixed it!!

    Thanks to all who replied. I finally had a chance to take the carbs down. Everybody who said clogged strainers..Bingo!! I also changed all the fuel lines.
    I have attached a picture.
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