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    After 10 hour ,I floored it !!

    I finally got the chance to floor my 08 speedster 200 and it was great. I checked the oil like the dealer said because he couldnt take me in before this weekend ,so he said it wasnt a problem if I had an hour or 2 extra on it for the first service just check the oil ,I checked it and it was full just ove the top line on both engines . I guess thats why I lost some rpm's,on 1 motor I got 7800 and the other arond 7900 .
    The water was cool and the air was 68f ,we just entered into fall in N.Y. So I guess what I'm gettin at is I have to make sure the oil is between the 2 lines so I dont lose rpm's right?

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    Yep, between the lines, but 7900 might be where you top out, until you open up the air intake some.

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    it comes with the k+n filters and the intake looks diffrent then the 2007,I think it is opened up already ,does anyone know for sure?

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    You should be fine. In the Twin engine yamahas, one engine will spin faster than the other as the impellers are different..

    Not sure on the doo's.

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