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    Ride plate spinning bolts - Help!

    I am working on a friend's 2002 FX140 that has been neglected. I am trying to remove the ride plate but 2 of the 4 bolts are spinning. Has any one run into this before? Is there any tricks to getting the bolts out? Is it possible to remove the pump assembly without removing the ride plate as the impeller is frozen inside the housing? Just trying to help out a friend!

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    Spun bolts

    U can A put vise grips om the nut housing in the ski. B get yourself a lady slipper prybar to pull the pump. Or C take the nose cone off remove the nut , take an old nut weld an eye to it take 2 truck a chain and impress everybody.

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    as said, use vice grips to get the bolts out then replace the ride plate inserts.

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    I have done it before . Get access to the area and chip or pry off the gooo or goop that coves the nut and hold it with vice grips while removig the bolt. The pump can be removed without taking off the ride plate.

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