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    Angry P-0326 error today on the GTX - help

    Last week GTX was running weak, got it to around 8100 near the end of the day of running but before was running at 8450rpm

    after last week i looked at the spark plugs... they were rusted looking so i replaced them and put in almost 3/4 tank of new 93 octane gas....

    also only other change was 15/19 blade

    todays run:

    Lake temp: 86-87
    Air temp: 90-93

    RPM max: 7600
    GPS : 64.5

    Continous run in full speed gave HI TEMP alert on dash

    then runs after started reporting the P-0326 code

    argh.... HELP

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    previous threads say the P-0326 relate to the knock sensor

    never had this issue before with the riva ECU

    does it go bad?

    motor and ECU are from an '05

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    You need to start by changing your knock sensor. yes, they do go bad from time to time.

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    is this the part number?

    '04 knock sensor part # BR278002050

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