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    01 gpr1200 stumbling problem

    Hi all I have a 2001 gp1200r that all of a sudden is just starting to bog/stumble on me. when i accellerate it stumbles then goes then stumbles and goes all the way to wot, if i feather the throttle is seems to make it better but even at wot it cuts in and out. carbs dirty??. i have done a spark test and compression test all is good ,ski has only 54 hoursand is all stock. any suggestions on where to go would be helpful. it is used in salt water. thanks

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    Try the reserve, it pulls from a different pick-up. It sounds like fueling issues to me. Do a search on removing the fuel flapper.


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    hi, i had the exact same symptoms. it turned out to be little rips in the clear plastic diaphragms in the fuel pump. i made a homemade rebuild to the fuel pump, and it solved all of my problems. it doesn't hurt to inspect your carbs and fuel pump anyway. (sorry, if you're EFI).

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