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I am going to buy a FZ and will probably sell my GP1200R. If anyone is interested I will post pictures. Here is a break down of the ski:

1999 GP1200R (always fresh water, always stored inside)
Approximtely 80 hours - 30 hours since Groop K wake-up kit

Group K Wake-up Mod - This includes Stage 2 cylinder porting, head milling (requires 92 octane) and modified carburetors.

R&D Intake Plate (modded by Group K) (Extra Riva plate)
R&D Grate
Stak TrakMagnum D75 12 vein pump
R&D air cleaner/arrester
Oil block off mod
Dual fuel supplies to engine (no reserve)
Cooling water restrictor
Fuel primer
Sump pump
Riva trim tabs and mod
Trailer and cover

Group K claims 65-68 mph, the speedo show 70-72 mph depending on how the hull is set up. The boat is used in Lake Erie and I have had to sacrifice a bit of top end for control due to usually riding in rough water.