tahnks to all that helped stacey and i out during hurricane ike. i huge thanks goes out to John T ( 2fun4u). he put us, another couple, one dog and 3 cats up at his house that has 4 bigs dogs already, thanks alot, we appreciate it. during a rough time we sure made the most of it....and we thought those 35 cases of beer from bridge bait was enough..... oh well thanks john t...we owe you big time...don't forget the october 17 ride is still on in freeport...thanks again. sorry nick about riding the go cart all night..it is hard to ride in 70 mph wind and drink a rum and coke and hold on to extra beer all at the same time....bridge bait will be open by oct 17.....bigger and better. also if any of yall go to galveston go by the SPOT restaurant, dennis byrd the owner is a friend of my and he needs the business, plus one of the best bars/rest. on the seawall, it is on 32 and the seawall, thanks again to all that helped us...graham